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Nottinghamshire Transitions Pathway For Young People aged 13-25 years with disabilities

A Step by Step Guide to help and support your journey to adults services

To access the pathway just click on the transitions pathway link under external links on this page.

Transitions Pathway

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Nottinghamshire Transitions Pathway


  • Plan
  • Health
  • Education
  • Review
  • Support

Glossary of key transition terms

Person Centred Plan

This plan is about you and created with you. It tells us what you want for your future and helps people work together to make it happen.

Transition Plan

This plan tells everyone what you would like to do in the future and who can help you achieve this.

Transitions Review

Your Person Centred Plan will be reviewed yearly with you, checking that the outcomes are still achievable.

Personal Budget

If you are eligible for a Social Care Assessment, the outcome of this may be that you access support through a Personal Budget.

Continuing Healthcare Assessment

Continuing healthcare is required when a young person's health needs cannot be met by existing universal or specialist services.

Self - Directed Support

This allows you to have more choice and control over how your care and support are organised and how your outcomes are met using your Personal Budget.

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