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Coronavirus Update for Nottinghamshire Care Providers - 6th April 2020

The information below contains current and up to date information for social care providers.

Department of Health and Public Health England guidance regarding admission and care in a care home setting during COVID-19 incident

This document was initially circulated on Friday, but since then has had a link in Paragraph 5 updated, although the document is still called Version 1, dated 2nd April.  The new version has an updated link:

The section that has the new link is Paragraph 5 below:

5. Advice for staff

The personal protective equipment (PPE) that must be worn when caring for possible or confirmed COVID-19 patients, is described in Annex F.

Care home staff who come into contact with a COVID-19 patient while not wearing PPE can remain at work. This is because in most instances this will be a short-lived exposure, unlike exposure in a household setting that is ongoing. These are guiding principles and there should be an individual risk assessment based on staff circumstances, for example staff who are vulnerable should be carefully assessed when assigning duties, and where a possible or confirmed COVID-19 case is present in a care home, efforts should be made to cohort staff caring for that person. Further guidance can be found here [which took you to this page:-] where it stated that the information was out of date.  This has now been replaced with information in the guidance for health professionals collection


These links also include a useful table on PPE, a direct link for which is here:



COVID-19: Admission and care of people in Care Homes Guidance Webinar:

To support Care Home Providers to protect their staff and residents, ensuring that each person is getting the right care in the most appropriate setting for their needs.

Please find attached the link below for the above Webinar. You will have to register via Eventbrite. There are four sessions, two on Tuesday 7 April and two on Wednesday 8 April.



Free Accredited Medicines Management training package:

PrescQIPP are offering an accredited medicines management training package free of charge for home care agencies to access. The link below explains how to access the training:



SCIE Resources:

Main web link -,6TDT2,Q5RW8Y,RAN1V,1






Other resources for your information:

Visit Skills for Care COVID Webpage -

Visit our Website for further updates -

Visit Notts Help Yourself for a register of COVID-19 resources to support you at this time -

Sign up to our and our Health and Wellbeing bulletin -


If you don’t already, please join our social channels for latest information on coronavirus and NCC Services:- Nottinghamshire County Council on Facebook or on twitter @NottsCC


Please use our email address if you have questions for the team and if you are not sure who else to ask. We would, however, suggest that you make use of the information links above as you may already have the answers to hand.


Please continue to check the Nottinghamshire County Council and the Notts Help Yourself website for latest guidance.


Please do pass on our grateful thanks to you and your teams for your continued support during this challenging time.


For all resources / documents that have been shared so far please go to the Resources tile in Provider Corner and search for "COVID19"

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