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Independent Travel Training


What is Independent Travel Training ?

Independent Travel Training (ITT) is the delivery of training by staff in schools, colleges, voluntary services and day care services for people who are restricted in their ability to travel unassisted on public transport because of learning or physical disabilities.

Who is Independent Travel Training for?

Independent Travel Training (ITT) is for people of any age who have learning or physical disabilities, which means they are unable, or are restricted in their ability, to travel unassisted on public transport. The ITT team work with the school, college or provider to deliver the training and can fit this in to the curriculum.

What can Independent Travel Training do for me?

The aim of Independent Travel Training (ITT) is for people to gain total travel independence, following positive safe travel practice with the assistance of an adult.

The objectives are:

  • gain an understanding of safe practice, leading to a reduction of road accidents;
  • gain increased self-esteem;
  • have an enhanced quality of social life;
  • have raised aspirations for job prospects.

On completion of the programme, participants should be able to travel independently to local and more widespread landmarks, work, day centres, work experience, school/college and back home.

You can watch an Independent Travel Training video to see how travel training has helped one young person to travel independently to school and a work placement.

How do I find out further information on travel training?

How do I apply for Travel Training?

Getting the Travel Training programme for your school

Independent Travel Training staff will contact schools and colleges and develop training resource packs for each specific establishment. If they haven’t contacted you, please get in touch by the following methods:

The travel training staff will then:

  • train 'in-house' trainers
  • provide support and advice on an ongoing basis
  • monitor the progress at each establishment
  • review the scheme continually to reflect feedback.

All resources are free for Nottinghamshire educational establishments and other service providers.

The ITT team reward schools/colleges who are running the programme and have made really good progress with an Excellent School Award. Accreditation is in the form of an A4 award certificate. Contact the team for more information about the award.

Safe Places Scheme

Safe Places is a national scheme, which provides safe places for people with disabilities if they feel scared or are at risk whilst they are out and about in the community.

In Nottinghamshire there are schemes in all areas of the County. To find out more information on schemes and where they are located you will need to access the members scheme page of the Safe Places website.

Safe Places offer free to use apps, for anyone with a smartphone, that show all of the safe places in districts that have decided to make the apps available. You can see which districts have chosen to make the Safe Places apps available on the members scheme page.

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