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Alcohol Identification & Brief Advice (IBA) Training during COVID-19 Lockdown

Change grow live (cgl) have been commissioned to deliver identification and brief advice (IBA) training for frontline staff that work within Nottinghamshire. IBA has been proven to have a positive impact on individuals that drink in excess of the recommended alcohol consumption guidelines. Research has shown that 1 in 8 drinkers will make reductions in their alcohol consumption after an IBA intervention has taken place.

This training will provide frontline staff with critical alcohol harm reduction advice that will be relevant to the current and evolving isolating and lockdown conditions. The alcohol IBA during COVID -19 lockdown training will also aim to raise frontline staff awareness of the role of units, lower risk drinking limits and the risks associated with alcohol during these unprecedented times.

Course content details:

• How lock down and isolation has impacted our alcohol consumption
• How lock down and Isolation is impacting on our lives
• How is this affecting our drinking behaviours?
• What are the associated risks?
• How can frontline staff support people & help minimise the risks?

The Alcohol IBA Training will be streamed online ‘Live’ via the Microsoft Teams platform every Wednesday for a period of 6 weeks, commencing on the 27th May 2020. The session will last approximately 1hour, which will include two opportunities for Q&A. Further specialist alcohol advice and consultation will be available on request.

The link for the ‘Live’ event and Joining details will be sent out once you have registered on the training. The training will be delivered using Microsoft Teams platform.

You will be able to book on to the training via the Eventbrite website:
You will also need to use the PASSWORD: COVID to register for the training.
Ticket sales will end 24 hours before each ‘Live’ event.
An Invitation link to the ‘Live’ event will be sent directly to your email address the day before the event.

For more information and FAQ's please see the document available under downloads or contact Ken May (IBA Project Nottinghamshire - Implementation Manager) on 07976476666 or email

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