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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE BULLETIN – For Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Care Providers – Tuesday 20th October 2020

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE BULLETIN – For Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Care Providers – Tuesday 20th October 2020

Please note that this email will now be sent out twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays


Dear Providers, the information below contains current and up to date information from our strategic partners for you and your staff:

New and updated guidance and support, including information on funding:


Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund, Round 2

Government information and guidance can be found here:

The below email was first send out by Nottinghamshire County Council on the 19th October and contains information for Nottinghamshire based care provider locations only.  It contains information, guidance and a link to the on-line claim form.


Dear Care Provider


This information is for Nottinghamshire based care provider locations only and refers to the Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund, round 2.  Government information and guidance can be found here:


You will all find the key information for Providers in the attached documents. These include:


  • The letter from Helen Whately, published outlining the Infection Control Fund 2
  • Annex A, setting out examples of permitted use of the fund
  • Conditions for accessing the fund
  • Reporting requirements for local authorities and providers
  • Specific restrictions relating to the use of the fund


This round of the Infection Control Fund is for all CQC Regulated Providers in Nottinghamshire. For domically care this means that Nottinghamshire County Council will distribute the funding for those organisations whose registered address with CQC is in Nottinghamshire and this will be for new Infection Control spend incurred between 1st October 2020 and 31st March 2021. As per last time the grant is payable in 2 instalments, one in October, or as soon as you submit a completed application form and meet the initial grant conditions.  (See attached documentation.)  The 2nd instalment will be payable in December, which will be paid automatically to those who received the first instalment of the ICF 2, assuming they continue to meet the grant conditions.


You should complete the online form to receive the ICF 2 funding.  Here is the link:


There are a number of conditions attached to the grant, (which can be found in the attached documents):

  • In particular, before the first instalment can be paid, you will need to have completed either the CQC Care home tracker or CQC homecare survey, as appropriate, at least twice and commit to completing them weekly going forward.
  • For care homes the permitted areas of use for the ICF 2 now specifically include supporting safe visiting in care homes, and ensuring that staff who need to attend work for the purposes of being tested for COVID-19 are paid their usual wages to do so, but the ‘Other’ category has been removed. The government has provided some examples of use for each category in Annex A.
  • All providers who apply for the grant will need to submit a monthly return, by the 15th of the month, using the excel template attached.  This return should confirm actual spend on each category up to the end of the preceding month and planned spend on each category up to the end of March 2021.


In addition, for those care homes that received the first ICF grant, you will need to have confirmed your spend by category via the online form, and any underspend declared will be netted off future payments made to you.

If you received the first ICF grant, and declared an underspend and do not wish to apply for this second round, we will be recouping the underspend during November.


Finally, we would like to encourage all providers eligible for the ICF 2, to apply and use the grant according to the conditions.  We would expect this to cover expenses such as your additional staffing costs, and with PPE being provided through the portal it is anticipated that this will reduce your sustainability claims for additional costs for periods after the 1st October. If you do have have any outstanding claims for previous months we ask you to submit them at your earliest opportunity.


For non-regulated CQC Care providers in Nottinghamshire specifically, the Care Services Sustainability Fund will remain open for you to claim for any additional costs as a result of Covid 19 (including infection control costs) which are not covered by any other mechanism/funding/other reduced spend.  


If you have any queries please direct these to


Message from Helen Whately – Published on 16th October 2020 on CARE Coronavirus Social Care Update

Everyone working in health and care knows that every single contact, every single moment with a patient or resident is a moment that must be Covid-19 secure. I don't for a minute underestimate just how hard this is and cannot thank you enough for all that you do.   Read more here:




Training events, webinars and support links:      


The importance of taking up an offer of the Flu Jab.

The 13 attached information flyers relate to raising awareness of the importance of taking up the flu jab, if people are eligible. Please could homecare providers share this information with citizens and staff, as appropriate.  Thank you.



New on-line learning from SCIE: MCA, integration and innovation resources

Access new e-learning opportunities here:



NSAB Safeguarding Adults Referrer Training – new dates!

Following the popularity of our online Safeguarding Adults Referrer Training we have arranged six further sessions.

This webinar is aimed at those responsible for making Adult Safeguarding Referrals within your organisation based in Nottinghamshire County, as detailed in the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults procedure for raising a concern and referring

This course has been developed to offer support, guidance, and clarity to you in your role as the person responsible for making Safeguarding Adults referrals within your organisation.

We will send out course pre-reading/ viewing materials approximately one week prior to the event.

Choose your session:

4th November 2020 1.30 – 3pm Book online using Eventbrite

2nd December 2020 1.30pm – 3pm Book online using Eventbrite

6th January 2020 1.30pm – 3pm Book online using Eventbrite

3rd February 2020 1.30pm – 3pm Book online using Eventbrite

3rd March 2020 1.30pm -3pm Book online using Eventbrite

7th April 2020 1.30pm – 3pm Book online using Eventbrite

More dates will be added, so keep checking NSAB’s website for details


Please note:

This event is only open to those responsible for making adult Safeguarding referrals within your organisation.  We request that no more than 2 members of the same organisation attend per session.

***Please note, this course will only cover the multi-agency procedures for Nottinghamshire County, not Nottingham City***



Contingency Planning: Protecting your service from COVID-19 winter demands

This webinar is aimed at managers who want to learn practical ways to strengthen their COVID-19 Contingency Plans as we enter a period of increased winter demands.  It will focus on practical approaches to be best prepared for any resurgence of COVID-19 and winter demands.  It will look at how to protect your service using service level risk assessments and aligning a COVID-19 specific contingency plan with your business continuity process.  The webinar will share learning and best practice from frontline managers and also include access to new practical checklists, recommendations and guidance. 

It will be held on:     Thursday 22nd Oct 11:00-11:30                      Register here



Skills for Care E news 14th October 2020

What’s new from Skills for Care:




Links and resources for your ongoing information:


Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Covid-19 Response Care Homes and Home Care (ECRT) Toolkit -


Care Workforce App and Communications toolkit - Link:


Government website with all the up to date information on Coronavirus for Adult Social Care settings:


Visit the Notts County Council website for further updates:

Visit Nottingham City Council for the latest coronavirus information and service updates:


Visit Notts Help Yourself for a register of COVID-19 resources to support you at this time:

Visit ASKLiON for COVID-19 information for care


Visit Notts Help Yourself for up to date information on PPE guidance:

Visit ASKLiON for up to date information on PPE for city care


Sign up to our and our Health and Wellbeing bulletin:


Mobile App linking care providers and resources they have found useful during the COVID pandemic:


Social media channels for latest information on coronavirus and services - Nottinghamshire County Council on Facebook or on twitter @NottsCC


Social media channels for the latest information on coronavirus and services - Nottingham City Council ‘My Nottingham’ on Facebook: and Twitter





For further queries – Nottinghamshire providers - Please use the Quality & Market Management Team email address if you have questions for the team and if you are not sure who else to ask.

For further queries – Nottingham City providers – Please use the Single point of access for any covid related queries, email –

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