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Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County Council UPDATE BULLETIN – For all health and social care providers – Thursday 29th April 2021

Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County Council UPDATE BULLETIN – For all health and social care providers – Thursday 29th April 2021


We are currently reviewing the format and frequency of these bulletins as we move from a COVID focus to a wider recovery phase of operation.  This bulletin has been well received throughout the pandemic by care providers and health and social care partners.  We are now interested to know your thoughts on how it could continue to be a useful method of joined up communication going forward.  Please email us at with your thoughts on what you would like to keep and the changes you would like to see made.


Dear Providers, the information below contains current and up to date information from our strategic partners for you and your staff:

New and updated guidance and support, including information on funding:


Coronavirus testing update for Extra Care Housing and Supported Living managers

Visitor self-testing

Visitors to Extra Care and Supported Living settings can now conduct a rapid lateral flow self-test at home, at the discretion of setting managers. Testing on site remains the preference for assurance reasons. Visitors testing at home must report all tests online at: and using the Unique Organisation Number (UON) of your setting. Housing or Support managers should ensure visitors are aware of the setting’s UON.


You can read the updated policy on visiting and testing in Extra Care and Supported Living settings at: COVID-19: guidance for supported living – GOV.​UK (

We will shortly be publishing step-by-step instructions specifically for visitors reporting their test at home. You will be able to share this online or print it out in order to share with visitors.

Changes to our privacy notice

In line with the implementation of self-testing for staff, service users and visitors in adult social care settings, we have updated our privacy notices. It is the responsibility of Extra Care and Supported Living settings to make this notice accessible to staff, visitors and service users and can be found using the link below.


Important reminders - Why Dual Testing is used in Extra Care and Supported Living settings

Both Rapid Lateral Flow Tests and PCR tests deliver different benefits and conducting them on the same day combines the speed of Lateral Flow Tests with the higher sensitivity of PCR tests. Using LFTs help to quickly identify some individuals who have a high volume of the virus in their body and are therefore infectious. LFTs will not identify everyone who is infected, but we know that speed is important for stopping the spread of the virus. LFTs can help to give an earlier warning of infection in the setting, rather than waiting for the PCR result to return from the lab. This helps to contain the infection as quickly as possible.


The PCR tests find people who are infected but were not identified by the LFT, for example people who have lower amounts of the virus in their body because they may be at the start of the infection. Using the LFTs midweek and on the same day as the PCR is the best way to identify people who are infectious.


Rapid lateral flow tests – moving from boxes of 25 to 7
NHS Test & Trace will now be sending rapid lateral flow test kits in boxes of 7. These will replace the boxes of 25. You will still receive enough rapid LFTs to cover the testing requirements for your organisation. You will receive boxes of 7 the next time you place an order for test kits. Please continue to use your boxes of 25 until you next need to order.


Please be aware, in line with MHRA rules, the boxes of 25 rapid lateral flow test kits cannot be used for self-test by visitors.


Using the self-referral portal
If you believe you have a setting which is eligible for testing via the Extra Care and Supported Living route; please use the self-referral portal ( and completing the following steps:
*Input the ‘DHSC Referrer Unique Organisation Number’ – which is 99874802. You will only need to use this code once, this UON cannot be used to order test kits
*Complete the eligibility questions
*Enter the contact information for the setting, including delivery address and contact details
*Submit referral

All referrals are processed weekly and sent to Local Authority for approval and categorisation. Once we have received this confirmation the account request will be approved and a confirmation email will be sent containing a UON.


Weekly Webinar
We strongly encourage providers and those involved in the testing process join a webinar:

We use this platform to provide details on the testing routes available for Extra Care and Supported Living (EC/SL) settings. We provide clarification on the primary testing programmes, PCR and rapid Lateral Flow Tests; how these will work practically within settings and what to do on receipt of each result type. By engaging with the webinars, settings can raise any questions or clarifications; which are answered either in writing during the webinar, or verbally during the Q&A section at the end of the webinar.



Reporting on County Provider Staff Vaccinations

Since the beginning of February Nottinghamshire County Council has been required to submit weekly vaccination returns to the National Tracker for frontline staff working in Supported Living, Extra Care and Day Services. Now that we are in the window for 2nd dose vaccination, a similar return has been requested for these same staff groups.


To support this activity, can managers (county providers only) in Supported Living, Extra Care and Day Services provide a staff returns update via this link: by Friday 7th May and then provide further weekly vaccination updates using the same link each Friday thereafter.



One to One Observations For Fully Funded NHS Continuing Healthcare Residents in Care Homes

Nottingham & Nottinghamshire CCG has a policy for one to one observations for fully funded NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) residents in care homes. This was first issued to care homes in December 2019. Whilst the policy has not been amended, we are re-issuing it as a reminder for care home staff, and especially for new managers and staff who may not be aware of it. The documents that care homes need to complete to request one to one support and record observations are attached as word documents for care homes to use. Any queries regarding this policy can be sent to




Training events, webinars and support links:     


Free Oral Health Training for staff working in Residential Settings

Please find attached the flyer for further information.



Better Security, Better Care: local support, webinars and films

Adult social care providers across England are invited to access local as well as national support to improve their data protection and cyber security.


As part of the Better Security, Better Care programme, 29 local support partners across the country are helping care providers to ensure they are storing and sharing paper and digital records safely. Most of the support partners are local care associations, though in some areas, support is led by local councils or the NHS.


The programme supports providers to use the self-assessment tool – the Data Security and Protection Toolkit – which in turn enables many of the other data and cyber security initiatives across the care sector. For example, care providers who reach Standards Met on the Toolkit can apply to access NHS systems such as shared records.


Data and cyber programme leads, social care commissioners, inspectors, data system suppliers and policymakers are also invited to a webinar on how Better Security, Better Care supports them, and how works alongside related data and cyber initiatives.


And, in a new series of short films, social care leaders and practitioners explain why data and cyber security matters, and how the Better Security, Better Care programme improves skills and care.


Care providers can also book to attend webinars on How to register for the DSPT.


Read and share our press release

Book for the national webinar: Better Security, Better Care: Collaborating on data and cyber security in social care - 12 May 2021, 3-4.30pm

Book for How to register for the DSPT – 12 and 26 May 2021, 12 noon

View the Better Security, Better Care films

Engage with Digital Social Care on twitter @DigiSocialCare #BetterSecurityBetterCare #DSPT



Conversations on Community Service with Nottingham & Nottinghamshire ICS

Care closer to home is becoming integral to the future of the health and social care system, and key to supporting our citizens manage their health and care needs in the places they call home.


We are initially holding 3 virtual workshops to bring together health and care professionals, community and voluntary organisations, and other interested groups, to create sustainable community health care in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.


Get involved to help transform community services, create collaborative ways to improve physical health care services, activities, and interventions in local communities. Influence how services can best meet the needs of our location population.


You can attend a workshop by choosing from 3 possible dates: Wed 5 May, Fri 7 May, or Mon 10 May



Or complete a quick online survey sharing your views




Collaborative Care Forums – Future forum dates for your diary

If you would like to receive these links as calendar invitations, please email with you name, organisation and the email address you would like us to use.  In the email confirm that you give permission for us to send you the invitation and understand that this will mean sharing the email address you provide with others. 


If this is not something you wish to do you will still be able to enter the following links manually into your calendars to save the date and remember to join.  Thank you.


Tuesday 18th May           3:00 – 4:30 pm

          Topics – Restore2 and the benefits of adopting this process, Frailty and Preparing to implement the Clinical Frailty Scale for use across health and social care


Tuesday 15th June           2:00 – 3:30 pm

          Topics – To be agreed – please let us have your suggestions



Links and resources for your ongoing information:


Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Covid-19 Response Care Homes and Home Care (ECRT) Toolkit -


Care Workforce App and Communications toolkit - Link:


Government website with all the up to date information on Coronavirus for Adult Social Care settings:


Visit the Notts County Council website for further updates:

Visit Nottingham City Council for the latest coronavirus information and service updates:


Visit Notts Help Yourself for a register of COVID-19 resources to support you at this time:

Visit ASKLiON for COVID-19 information for care


Visit Notts Help Yourself for up to date information on PPE guidance:

Visit ASKLiON for up to date information on PPE for city care


Sign up to our and our Health and Wellbeing bulletin:


Mobile App linking care providers and resources they have found useful during the COVID pandemic:


Social media channels for latest information on coronavirus and services - Nottinghamshire County Council on Facebook or on twitter @NottsCC


Social media channels for the latest information on coronavirus and services - Nottingham City Council ‘My Nottingham’ on Facebook: and Twitter





For further queries – Nottinghamshire providers - Please use the Quality & Market Management Team email address if you have questions for the team and if you are not sure who else to ask.

For further queries – Nottingham City providers – Please use the Single point of access for any covid related queries, email –


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