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Specialised Learning Group at William Lilley Infant and Nursery School- Happy Hedgehogs

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The decision of the best educational setting for your child is a difficult one, especially if your child has a specific need or would benefit from early extra support to get them started on their journey of lifelong learning.

Happy Hedgehogs is a Specialised Learning Group within William Lilley Infant and Nursery School, it is a group which allows children to access the support and provision that a Special School may offer. Whilst being in a mainstream environment with their peers. It is a very fluid provision, allowing children the necessary support as their needs change.

The Happy Hedgehogs are very much an integral part of William Lilley, where we pride ourselves on the relationships that all children, both within the Happy Hedgehogs and the other classes within school, have with each other. Here in the Happy Hedgehogs we provide a bespoke, inclusive learning experience for children with significant additional needs, who find the constraints of a full-time, mainstream classroom too challenging.

We are somewhat unique in the experience we can offer the children in the Happy Hedgehogs. The children use the Happy Hedgehogs classroom as a base, some children working within the room full time and others sharing their time between the base and their mainstream classroom as appropriate for the individual at the time. This could range from one activity a week to daily lessons.

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