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Coronavirus Update for Nottinghamshire Care Providers - 27th March 2020

The information below contains current and up to date information for social care providers.

A special message of support from David Ainsworth, a Locality Director for the NHS in Nottinghamshire, recorded today in recognition of the services delivered by the whole social care workforce.


Guidance regarding wording for letter to identify their staff as key workers who are undertaking essential duties

Employers are already designing their own methods of identifying their workers as key workers for the purposes of travel and accessing the opportunities available to them at this time.  Some employers have produced cards and letters for them to show as they go about their work.   Wording that could be used is suggested below:

This letter is to confirm that this person is regarded as a Key Social Care Worker.  This letter should be accepted as proof of ‘Key worker’ status in combination with a valid photo security pass or other ID for …………. Organisation.

This letter is valid for up until the end of April 2020.   

(You may wish to consider issuing these on a month by month basis.)


Support for employers during COVID-19 – A D2N2 Partner organisation has issued a compact group invitation

They are running twice weekly webinar on Mondays and Fridays around aspects of employment law at this time.  They are inviting all employers to join them, at no charge, for hints and tips for how to look after yourself, your business and build your own resilience during these unusual times.  You can also ask questions afterwards at the end of the 40 minute session.

Click on the PHR link then click on the top yellow bar, and when in Zoom, click the download button.

Attached are the slides from the first 2 webinars and some information about ‘furloughing’. (see righthand side of page)

A reminder from Lead Infection Prevention and Control and Care Home Quality Lead Nurse about general IPC advice and Key information about Staff Uniforms:

General IPC advice hasn’t changed regarding not travelling to and from work in  your uniform.

For care staff in the community then changing into your uniform before starting your shift and getting changed straight after finishing your shift is still the advice.

General principles still apply and are re-emphasised that wearing a clean uniform for each shift is essential as the Covid-19 virus can attach itself to clothes so not wearing the uniform for anything other than work is essential.

Uniforms should be laundered:

  • separately from other household linen;
  • in a load not more than half the machine capacity;
  • at the maximum temperature the fabric can tolerate, then ironed or tumbled-dried.


Other resources for your information:

 Visit our Website for further updates -

 Sign up to our and our Health and Wellbeing bulletin -


If you don’t already, please join our social channels for latest information on coronavirus and NCC Services:- Nottinghamshire County Council on Facebook or on twitter @NottsCC


Please use our email address if you have questions for the team and if you are not sure who else to ask. We would, however, suggest that you make use of the information links above as you may already have the answers to hand.

Please continue to check the Nottinghamshire County Council and the Notts Help Yourself website for latest guidance.

Please do pass on our grateful thanks to you and your teams for your continued support during this challenging time.


For all resources / documents that have been shared so far please go to the Resouces tile in Provider Corner and search for "COVID19"

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