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Nottinghamshire County Council Market Position Statement 2019/21

The purpose of this document is to provide key market intelligence, which will be useful to existing and potential providers in making business and investment decisions. It should act as a starting point for discussions between providers and the County Council by highlighting the social care support that the Council wishes to provide or commission in the future.

It includes information on:

 Current and anticipated future demand

 Supply, quality, and models of care preferred by the Council

 Opportunities arising from the use of personal budgets and the increasing take up of direct payments.

The number of people funding their own care is forming an increasingly large part of Nottinghamshire’s social care market; ensuring that there is sufficient service capacity and information for these people is becoming increasingly important. In the future the Council aims to have better quality and more detailed information to share with providers, including about people who fund their own care.

Over the next two to three years the Council will be focusing on the development of small and individual businesses, such as micro-providers and personal assistants (PAs), to support the growing use of direct payments and the introduction of Personal Health Budgets (PHBs).


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