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Co-production brings together service users and professionals to review and develop services for the future, providing an opportunity to develop closer relationships with those who use our services and to make decisions together. The Children and Families Act 2014 requires local authorities to involve children and young people with disabilities, and their families, in discussions and decisions about their care and education, as well as in the design and review of services.

Our approach to co-producing SEND services

Children and young people with disabilities and their families tell us they  would have improved confidence if our approach to co-production involves:

My voice to be the first voice

Provide opportunities for the child or young person to have their voice heard in any process that involves their welfare.

Start together

Establish a common understanding about what is to be achieved.


All views are listened to and acknowledged.

Value real life experiences

Treat those who use services as experts in their own field and learn from their life experiences.

Communicate effectively

Build positive relationships with service users and partner organisations.

Transparency and honesty

Being willing to share difficult decisions.


Tailor approaches to individual needs.

Willingness to consider a range of options

Compromise to reach an agreed shared understanding

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