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Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County Council UPDATE BULLETIN – For all health and social care providers – Thursday 28th July 2022

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Dear Providers, the information below contains current and up to date information from our strategic partners for you and your staff:

New and updated guidance and support, including information on funding:

Critical Incident - Health and Care System

Dear Care Home / Home Care Provider

The health and care system in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire has declared a critical incident due to continued and unprecedented pressure on its services. This means there is current serious pressure on the system to deliver services.

We are continuing to see significant levels of Covid-19, alongside high numbers of patients arriving at our hospitals for other conditions. There are extended waiting times to access beds within our hospitals. This, paired with the lack of capacity across our care sector as well as staff absence due to Covid-19 is causing a significant strain.

As a result, the system is taking additional and urgent steps to support including prioritising emergency care needs and where appropriate providing additional information to support.

Hydration is a significant challenge for the care home population and current admissions to our hospitals during this time indicate that this is a factor impacting our system.  Please see attached resources which may support you with your residents hydration needs. 

Also Consider:

  • Only call 999 for emergencies.
  • When a resident needs urgent medical care but it’s not an emergency, please visit NHS 111*6
  • For other non-urgent cases, when you need medical advice and it’s not an emergency, please speak to your GP practice, supporting healthcare team or pharmacist.

There are also some very important ways that you can help to keep pressures on the system down as we head into the weekend. These include collecting any prescriptions in advance where possible and making sure local health teams are contacted for review if you have any concerns ahead of the weekend. 

Thank you for your ongoing exceptional hard work. 


DHSC update: Formal Notice of data required from 31 July, and link to DHSC guidance

DHSC has published the Formal Notice setting out what information is required by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care from CQC-regulated adult social care providers, under section 277A of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, as inserted by section 99 of the Health and Care Act 2022.

The Notice can be found here and in the Resource Centre found here

DHSC has also published guidance to support providers with this new requirement. DHSC Guidance can be found here.

Per the Formal Notice, the first set of monthly data is due by the end of 14 August 2022. 

With kind regards



Care home IPC survey

Nottinghamshire County Council is seeking views and feedback from care home staff on their interactions with their local Community Infection Prevention & Control (CIPC) team. There are three CIPC teams within Nottinghamshire; Bassetlaw, City, and County. Please only consider your local NHS CIPC team - we are not seeking feedback on interactions with IPC colleagues in the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) or in hospital trusts.

Currently we are only seeking responses from care home staff. It is open to providers across both Nottinghamshire County and Nottingham City.


Covid Toolkit – Updated Link

The location of the COVID toolkit resource has changed.  This can now be found at

As a reminder, this resource provides COVID focused information on the following for care home staff:

1) Managing Admissions and Discharges
2) Correct use of Personal Protective Equipment
3) Infection Prevention and Control
4) COVID-19 Testing
5) Recognising and Responding to Deterioration
6) Medications and Symptom Management
7) Emergency Care and Treatment including palliation and end of life plans
8) Death Verification and Grief and Bereavement Support
9) Communication Channels


Citizens Advice Nottingham and District Service for Autistic Adults in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Citizens Advice Nottingham and District is in the process of setting up a service, commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council, for autistic adults in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.  (See leaflet attached).  This service has three parts:

1. An IAG Service  

The aim of this service is to provide a single point of access to timely, accessible, up to date information advice and guidance, as well as clear and consistent support to autistic people aged 16 and over who are awaiting an autism diagnosis and their parents and carers. Citizens Advice Nottingham and District is hoping to deliver this in collaboration with a range of Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprises (VCSEs) with the aim of supporting people at the earliest point in their diagnostic journey to prevent a deterioration in their health and to avoid future crises, thus reducing the need for long-term support.  We aim to help people with autism to develop and maintain support networks to reduce social isolation and encourage community engagement (including social activities, volunteering, employment and education), as well as providing information and signposting across a range of support services. We will use every opportunity to support them to resolve issues themselves and develop the knowledge and skills to do this unsupported in the future. 

2. Peer Mentoring

This service will support people aged 18 and over with an autism diagnosis, or who are waiting for an autism diagnosis. Peer mentors will support these people to access their local community venues and support services. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in many autistic people reporting increased loneliness, isolation and anxiety about re-entering their communities. The peer-mentoring service aims to support these people to re-integrate, with support, into their community. Support would be gradually reduced over a period of time based on the needs of the individual. However, we anticipate that volunteers will be working with our clients for up to six months on specific agreed targets, empowering them to become more independent. It is important that our volunteers have lived experience of autism as they are best placed to understand the challenges faced by autistic people on a daily basis.  Full training and support will be given to our volunteers. This service will run in an integrated way with the IAG service.

3. An Autism Alliance  

We are setting up a Nottinghamshire Autism Alliance where individuals with lived experience of autism along with voluntary and community organisations and professionals can come together to share experiences and provide peer support. Each member of the Alliance will have equal status and will be treated as equal partners. The Alliance will meet on a regular basis providing a network to share good practice and to learn from everyone's experiences.  The aim of the Alliance is also to ensure high quality service provision for all. It is hoped the Alliance will improve engagement between providers and those who use services across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire as well as grow and strengthen the existing network of organisations providing autism support. We will work closely with the established Derbyshire Autism Alliance (run by Citizens Advice Mid Mercia) to develop learning and good practice throughout.


Citizens Advice Nottingham and District is hoping to work collaboratively on these services with other agencies and providers throughout Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to develop an integrated, preventative approach to support. 

Training events, webinars and support links:

ICS Virtual Pride 2022 Event - Save the Date!

Please see attached ICS Virtual Pride 2022 Event flyer.

The event will be taking place on Wednesday the 10th August 2022 12pm to 1:15pm and will be host to a variety of entertainment and guest speakers. We are expecting a real fun packed and reflective session, so don’t miss out.

We hope to see you there!

Macmillan cancer support - learning offer

Macmillan’s current prospectus is:

Their learning and communications hub is open to all health and care professionals, log in is required:

The majority of these courses are online.

CARE Programme opportunity for nursing workforce. Deadline 12th August

NATH (Nottinghamshire Alliance Training Hub) has an opportunity to host the National CARE Programme again in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, starting in September 2022. The original intent was to support primary care nursing, but in Autumn 2020 we very successfully included community and social care nurses.

Connections from CARE have led to building better relationships and a number of projects. Our very own Anna Davis is now leading system wide project looking at lower limb wound care as a result of her participation in the last presentation of the programme.

We’ve attached the Information pack which outlines what CARE Programme is and how it’s structured such as the topics for each module. The presentation highlights feedback and the benefits to those taking part. There are comments from previous participants – you may recognise a few names and even heard about their work or seen them in action.

CARE programme includes well-being, connectivity and bringing out your inner leader with a focus on population health.

We welcome all members from the nursing team:
• Care Support Workers
• Nursing Associates,
• Registered Nurses
• Advanced Clinical Practitioners
• Specialist nurses such as Admiral Nurses

Closing date for booking a place on the next cohort is Friday 12th August

Staff can book a place on this link

We’ve attached details of the dates for this presentation which commences on 14th September. If you need further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Links and resources for your ongoing information:

Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Covid-19 Response Care Homes and Home Care (ECRT) Toolkit -

Care Workforce App and Communications toolkit - Link


Government website with all the up to date information on Coronavirus for Adult Social Care settings:


Visit the Notts County Council website for further updates:

Visit Nottingham City Council for the latest coronavirus information and service updates:


Visit Notts Help Yourself for a register of COVID-19 resources to support you at this time

Visit ASKLiON for COVID-19 information for care providers –


Visit Notts Help Yourself for up to date information on PPE guidance:

Visit ASKLiON for up to date information on PPE for city care providers: –


Sign up to our and our Health and Wellbeing bulletin:


Mobile App linking care providers and resources they have found useful during the COVID pandemic


Social media channels for latest information on coronavirus and services - Nottinghamshire County Council on Facebook or on twitter @NottsCC


Social media channels for the latest information on coronavirus and services - Nottingham City Council ‘My Nottingham’ on Facebook: and Twitter


For further queries – Nottinghamshire providers - Please use the Quality & Market Management Team email address if you have questions for the team and if you are not sure who else to ask.

For further queries – Nottingham City providers – Please use the Single point of access for any covid related queries, email –

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