Register for a new account

To register your group, service, activity or club click the create an account link. Enter your details, tick the 'I'm not a robot' box to complete the reCAPTCHA check and click the "create account" button. You will then be sent a verification email which will provide you with a reference number to enter into the box on the next screen - this must be actioned within 1 hour of receipt of the email. The sign in screen will appear where you will be able to sign in and list your service details.

Help with Updating Your Listing

See our About Us page for 'How to guides' on registering, updating and using the website.

Inactive Account

If you have previously registered but did not activate your account (entered the activation code within 1 hour of registering) your registration will have become invalid.

If this is the case you will be unable to sign in and will need to register again. Before registering again please inform us at so we can delete your inactive account.

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