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Seeing Ear National Accessible Library: The online library for blind and print-disabled people

Seeing Ear are a charity dedicated to helping people who want to read but who cannot use ordinary books. It may be that the print is too small, or turning pages is too difficult.

Their aim is to assist in education and recreation for blind and visually impaired people through the provision of books in accessible electronic formats.

Who to contact

01424 777 466
Seeing Ear

Where to go

The Seeing Ear
Watch Oak
East Sussex
TN33 0YD

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The Seeing Ear provides books in a flexible format which makes them suitable for use with many kinds of assistive technology, including electronic Braille readers and text-to-speech converters. Alternatively the books are easily adapted for reading onscreen in the format you prefer.

The online library is free for visually impaired readers. You can join the library and start accessing our books straight away. 

Library membership is restricted to people who are visually impaired as defined by the Visually Impaired Persons Act 2002 and who are also UK or EU residents. According to the Act you must fit into one of the following categories to be allowed to join the online library.

 - You are blind

 - You have an impairment of visual function which cannot be improved by the use of corrective lenses to a level that would normally be acceptable for reading without a special level or kind of light

 - You are unable through physical disability to hold or manipulate a book, or to focus or move your eyes to the extent that would normally be acceptable for reading

 - You suffer from print blindness caused by dyslexia

 - You are an agent (eg teacher, carer, parent or guardian) for someone who fits in one of the categories above, and you are joining on their behalf

Please visit the website to apply to join.


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