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Rachel Ann Rose

About me

My name is Rachel and I am an OFSTED registered 'Outstanding' childminder based in Worksop on Kilton Hill. I live with my partner John and my beautiful daughter Olivia age 6.
I am a qualified teacher, who up untill having my youngest child was employed by Myerscough College in Lancashire. Since the birth of my youngest daughter I have decided to focus on a career in childcare. I feel that my skills and experience gained throughout my teaching career would be better used in caring for children in the home environment. I hope to provide parents with the confidence to return to work knowing thier child is in a loving, caring and safeplace.
Throughout my career I have gained experience working with children with special educational needs. I found this area of my work very rewarding and felt very passionate about making a difference to these childrens lives.
It has always been a passion of mine to work with young children. We opperate from a purpose built setting within the grounds of our home. The setting is 40 square meters and can accomodate up to 12 children. The setting is as close to the 'home from home' feel as possible. It has its own kitchen area, bathroom facilities, which have been designed for wheelchair access, art area, lounge/comfy area, baby & sleeping area & playroom. The setting has underfloor heating to provide a luxurious feel and to keep our babys warm as the learn to crawl and walk. The setting has its own access and car parking facilities and a beautiful secure garden with an abundance of activites for children to freely play with, including a mud kitchen, den, herb garden and climbing equipment. In addition to this we have an enclosed outdoor area where children can play outside despite the weather conditions. We promote lots of free play and fresh air. To appreciate our setting we would like to invite you to come and look around so you can get a true feeling of what we are all about.
I will provide a quality childminding service that is tailored to meet your families needs. I aim to meet your high expectations. I will provide a reliable, flexible, stimulating and happy home from home setting for your child, to enable them to grow into confident, young individuals. My home is open to children of all ages and i care for siblings.Our unique setting allows me to give quality care and attention to your child.


Pre - registration workshops:
1: Equality and positive relationships
2: Safety
3: Learning and development
4: Childrens welfare
5: Safeguarding children

Level 1 introduction to safeguarding and child protection

Level 2 safeguarding - Nominated Officer

QA Level 2 Award in Paediatric First Aid (QCF)

CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young Peoples Workforce (QCF) Early Learning and Childcare Pathway

OUTSTANDING Early Years Provider 2015

City and Guilds Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering

Enhanced DBS Check

Health Check

Fully Insured with Morton Michelle

Full Driving License with Business Insurance

Boys Training

Forest Schools Training

Safer Sleep Training

CAF Training

Channel General Awareness (anti-terrorism)

2 & 3 Year funding Training

The Communication Friendly Spaces Approach

Other Qualifications

9 GCSE's garde A-C

Certificate in Education

Foundation degree in Art with Distinction

Certificate in Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Sector

NVQ Level 1 in Administration

Additional information
Please visit my website for full details on our setting. Please use the link below. If you would like to come and see us or would like to place your child with us please get in touch, we would love to hear from you. We will be opening on the 4th January 2016 but you are very welcome to come and look at our deveopment whilst it is underway as from the 1st of December. There will lots of changes be being made over the next month which I will publish on our facebook page "Rose lodge Childminding". We have links to our page on the website. We are also offering 2,3 & 4 year old funding which entitles your child to 15hours of free child care. Please enquire if you think you may qualify.



Who to contact

Contact Name
Rachel Ann Rose
Contact Position

Where to go

S81 0AY

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£3.75 Per Hour


Age Ranges
From 0 years 3 months to 16 years 0 months

Inclusion Information

Wheelchair Access

Has Provision

Special Needs

Has Provision

Dietary Needs

Has Provision

Cultural Provisions

Has Provision

Childcare Information

Funded Places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

30 Hours Extended Entitlement

Registered to provide 30 hours entitlement

Opening Times & Facilities

Other Availability
Our opening times are 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Thursday. If you require any additional hours other than those stated, please get in touch and we will try and accommodate your needs.

School Pickups

Offers pickups
Sir Edmund Hillary

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 
Inspection history
Inspection History
Inspection DateInspection typeInspection Outcome
13/11/2014Inspection (Early Years Register)Outstanding

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I am a childminder who lives in Worksop. I am committed to providing the very best care for all the children in an atmosphere where mindees feel happy, safe, confident and valued. My setting offers childcare to children of all ages. I can currently mind six children under the age of eight. 3 of which can be young children, with only one being under the age of one. I offer places to full/part time children and also before and after school care. I am the manager of my business and I am the key person for all mindees. All mindees are offered settling in sessions prior to starting to enable them to become familiar with myself and our setting. Within my teaching career I have experience of working with children who have additional needs. I will be fully responsible for parental involvement and have achieved Safeguarding Level 1 & Safeguarding Level 2 Nominated Officer.



Rose lodge childminding opened in January 2015. I work from a garage conversion on the lower level. It is on a main street in Worksop and close to local amenities including parks, woods and local children’s centres. We have a large driveway leading to the entrance of the house. There is car parking space on the driveway. Enough for two large vehicles and also street parking.

There is wheelchair access into the setting through the wide gate and we have a wheel chair ramp. There is lighting all the way up to the setting and around the setting which lights up the entire area. This may be an advantage for someone who is slightly visually impaired or someone with learning difficulties.

We have good lighting in the setting to enable children to identify contrast between the walls and floors. We also have a toilet which is fully equipped with disability aids including a widened doorway and disability handrails. There is room for a child to manoeuvre easily with a walking frame & wheelchair.

We have lots of toys, sensory equipment and treasure baskets which provide sensory experiences. We have a dark tent, bubble tube, sensory boards and many natural materials both indoors and outdoors which help to provide a calming atmosphere in which young children with varying needs can flourish.

The garden which can be accessed via the setting provides a spacious flat grassed area surrounded with edible hanging baskets, mud kitchen, bug house, climbing equipment and a growing area to grow herbs and vegetables. We also have a concreted undercover outdoor area for children to enjoy the outdoors in all weathers.

Resources are taken outside on a daily basis and are chosen and adapted to suit the needs of children attending our setting. Our setting is fully fenced and secure.


Our setting has a website and information about our setting is accessible through Nottinghamshire County Council and

Parents receive information about our events through a monthly newsletter.

Parents are made aware of Policies and Procedures during settling in time.

Parent’s evenings are carried out once a year.

All children enjoy a settling in period during induction. This is encouraged to familiarise the children with their new setting.

Displays are accessible to all children. We have posters which display a number of different languages and promote equality. Most use a large typeface.

My setting has an open door policy, and all parents are welcome to discuss the needs of their children at any time.


The setting is a large open space set up in areas which can easily be moved to meet the needs of children with additional needs.

Pictorial communication systems are used when required. Bilingual signs are displayed around the room.

Furniture is at varying levels. The outdoors is accessible with areas for children to access freely.

All children benefit from the way in which our indoor and outdoor environment is organised.

Resources indoors and outdoors are provided in such a way that all children can self-select and use independently. Labels are displayed on fronts on baskets and toy boxes so it is clear what is in them.


I am very passionate about working in partnership with parents. I encourage strong links between myself and each parent.

All parents are full involved in completing an ‘all about me’ profile about their child and immediate family on entering our setting.

Detailed observations carried out on a child highlight any potential concerns.

Summative assessments are undertaken every 7 weeks in partnership with parents.

Children are tracked via a tracking document. Parents are also involved in the tracking and will be asked at parents evening to study the trackers and make comments. This enables discussion around individual progress, and whether a child is meeting a stage typical for their age.

Children are also monitored in respect of their personal, social and emotional needs. If a child is seen to be suffering in any of these areas then appropriate intervention is put into place immediately. This might be that a child requires a targeted learning plan or may need to attend a speech and language therapist. This is reviewed on a regular basis. Where further support is identified this will be discussed with parents and it may be that a referral is made to the appropriate professionals with parental consent. A common assessment framework form (CAF) may be required and this will be discussed with parents.


Parents are kept informed throughout of any additional support and provision and/or and intervention programmes that their child may be accessing.

Parents are fully involved in the decision making process following concerns raised either by myself or parents.

Additional advice and support is requested from the inclusion and disability services.

In line with Special Educational Needs Policy (SEN) children are offered individualised support.

Depending on the level of intervention required a plan is drawn up for the child and family to access additional support from our setting or additional support from external agencies.

Any decisions will be made by talking to the parents who will be involved from the start. This will be a joint decision making process.

Parents will be involved in a variety of ways – parents views will be shared; they will be invited to meetings with professionals.

My SEN policy states that I will follow the graduated response.

In my services I can provide government funded early year’s education places for 2 year olds and also 3 & 4 year olds. This is a minimum of 15 hours to a maximum of 30 hours per term week. Additional funding can be claimed for children with special educational needs. I will link in with the family to identify and obtain other specialist equipment where required; linking in with professionals.


My setting works to the Early Years Framework’s Development Matters.

I have a commitment towards high quality teaching and learning. I develop this through ongoing training programmes.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Practice Guidance Forms the basis of our provision. A strong commitment to the four themes of the EYFS is evident, in particular “a unique child” and inclusive practice where the diversity of individuals is valued and respected and no child or family is discriminated against.

With regard to the Statutory Frameworks for the EYFS published in March 2017 our setting has some arrangements in place to support children with SEN or disabilities.

We have regard for themes and commitments of the EYFS and this underpins our teaching and learning.

The setting is organised in areas of learning and development which provide child initiated learning. These are enhanced daily, based in individual interests of our children and discussed weekly with parents.

I have a system in place for tracking and monitoring children’s progress and development. This starts off with a baseline assessment, although assessments continue throughout the year through observations.

I meet with parents every year at parent’s evening to discuss progress and development of each child. This allows for provision and planning to be adapted as required in order to meet the needs of their individual children.

Differentiation is identified through planning which will take account of resources required.

Where a child has been identified as having additional needs, the SENCO will support the key person in identifying the level of need and provision mapping support in terms of resources and interaction with that child.

I will write Education, Health and Care Plan to meet the child’s individual needs which are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.

Through EHCP, planning is differentiated for specific children. These plans are shared with parents and strategies discussed so that the key person and parents are working on the same target’s in my setting and at home.

I will support a child with additional needs on a one to one basis to work on targets as well as continuous provision. Targets will address a variety of areas of need including cognition and learning, communication and interaction, sensory and physical, emotional and behavioural and social development depending on the individual need.

Children are able to express their views by making their own choices and having independence at my setting at all times.

During reflection/group time, children are encouraged to participate by sharing their experiences and ideas. Children’s voices are listened to at these times as well as during continuous provision when I am observing and interacting with children, learning about their views and what they are interested in from their responses to resources and activities. Their ideas are incorporated into planning future activities.

I feel I am skilled at observing how each child explores the world around them. I ask them open ended questions about what they are learning, how they are feeling about their accomplishments, if they are enjoying what they are learning and to give suggestions about what they can do to develop their learning further. I learn together with the children and support them to develop their ideas and interests. In this way the children are involved in the planning of their own learning and reviewing their progress.


I am currently Level 3 qualified - Level 3 Diploma in Children and the Young Peoples Workforce.

My setting is working towards being well equipped to support the learning and development of children with additional needs.

I can provide sensory experiences with appropriate resources including dark tent with a superb selection of lighting, vibrating toys, bubble tube, torches & a ball pool.

I have links with professionals who can advise appropriate strategies.

Trips out are carefully planned and considered with all children in mind.

Risk assessments are put in place and permissions obtained from parents and to safeguard all our children.

Parents are invited to visit our setting with their child prior to the child starting at our setting.

Admission forms and an ‘all about me’ are completed prior to the child starting. I offer support in completing the forms if necessary. The ‘all about me’ enables parents to write about their child and immediate family, their child’s interest and also any concerns that they may have. This provides an overview for myself and is the starting point of building a good working relationship with the child and parents.

The settling in period may be different from child to child depending on their needs and the amount of support needed.


For children moving onto new early year’s settings or school, the professional’s from these services are welcome to telephone myself or visit my setting to discuss a child and organise transition meetings where myself (SENCO) can be present in the new setting.

With permission from the parent, professionals can have access to the child’s development folder and EHC plan can also be shared with the new setting (with parental consent). These will provide background information and contacts that the new setting can continue to liaise with.

Resources from the school including pictures of teachers, will be requested to put into our role play area a few weeks prior to leaving.

Discussions about a new school will be discussed at circle/reflection time on the days leading up to the transition.


I access specific training as the need arises to ensure my professional knowledge and development in continued. I have previously undertaken training in areas such as supporting children with disabilities and equality & communication and language.

I am trained in First Aid & Safeguarding Level 1 & 2 Nominated Officer.

I am 3 qualified – Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young Peoples Workforce.

I have experience of working with secondary school children with SEN during my teaching career.


Parents are welcome to see myself to discuss any concerns.

My website provides further information about my setting.

An open door policy is available at all times.

Prospective parents are welcomed.

My setting strives to get things right for children and their families. It is my aim to deal with concerns quickly and effectively. However a complaints policy is available from myself.

Further information can be gained from: Health Visitor, Local Children’s Centres & Children’s Social Care.

I am always happy to discuss your child’s development, progress or any concerns you might have. This can be face to face or via the telephone – whichever is more convenient for you. I can be contacted Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm.


Contact Name
Rachel Rose
Contact Telephone
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Rose Lodge Childminding

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