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Healthy Start

Healthy Start Prepaid Card

If you are pregnant or have children under four and you are on certain benefits you might be able to get help to buy food and milk with Healthy Start Prepaid Card.

Healthy Start Scheme – Get help to buy food and milk

What you'll get:

  • £4.25 each week of your pregnancy from the 10th week
  • £8.50 each week for children from birth to 1
  • £4.25 each week for children between 1 and 4

Your money will stop when your child is 4, or if you no longer receive benefits.

If you are under 18 and pregnant you can sign up for Healthy Start even if you are not on any benefits. Find out more about whether you're eligible for Healthy Start here

You can spend the the money on your Healthy Start card on fruit, vegetables and milk. You can also spend them on infant formula milk but only if it is the type of milk that babies can have from birth. Most of the big supermarkets and some of your local shops accept them. Some supermarkets also have extra offers for people using Healthy Start.

Go to the Healthy Start website and click Apply Now to get started online or follow the instructions on how to apply by email or phone. 

Where can I use the Healthy Start Vouchers or Card?

Health Food

You can use your card in most places that sell milk, infant formula, fruit, and vegetables. This includes:

  • supermarkets
  • convenience stores
  • grocery stores
  • drug stores and pharmacies
  • markets
  • dairy products stores
  • news dealers and newsstands
  • freezer and locker meat provisioners (such as butcher shops)
  • petrol stations 

 To use your Healthy Start card they must display a Mastercard® logo.

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Healthy Start Vitamins

Healthy Start Vitamins

You can get Healthy Start vitamins at some of our Children’s Centres and other places in the community.

If you qualify for Healthy Start, you can also collect vitamins for free. If you have a Healthy Start Card you'll need to show your card to get your free vitamins.

If you don’t qualify for Healthy Start you can still buy Healthy Start vitamins at the Children’s Centre.

They cost:

80p per bottle (for vitamins when you are pregnant or breastfeeding)

£1.60 per bottle (vitamin drops for babies and children).

Find a Children’s Centre near you at or visit the Healthy Start Vitamins services location finder

Or phone the free phone number 0300 500 80 80

Who should take Healthy Start Vitamins?

  • All pregnant women
  • All breastfeeding women
  • Babies from 6 months old (who are having less than 500ml (one pint) of infant formula a day)
  • Children aged 1 to 4

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for everyone, but especially for the groups listed above, as it helps to keep bones and muscles strong and healthy. Healthy Start vitamins include Vitamin D - if you choose not to take Healthy Start vitamins we recommend you and your family takes a Vitamin D supplement.

Find Out If You're Eligible

Use this quick and easy Healthy Start Eligibility Calculator to find out if you're eligible to receive Healthy Start vouchers

Healthy Eating

You can find more about Healthy Eating in the following sections of this website:

Parent/Carer Zone: Pre-Birth | Notts Help Yourself

Parent/Carer Zone: 0-4 Years | Notts Help Yourself

Parent/Carer Zone: 5+ Years | Notts Help Yourself

Find out more about FOOD Clubs (Food On Our Doorstep) where for £1 a year per family you can buy a bag of food items every week for £3.50 that is worth approximately £15:

Food On Our Doorstep - Family Action (

Who to contact

Contact Name
Healthy Start Team
0300 330 7010
Healthy Start Website

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