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Advance Support has been providing services to people in the community since 1974. We provide Support for people so they can live their lives the way they want. We are part of Advance, which also provides places for people to live and employment advice for people who want to work. We currently provide support to customers with learning disabilities and mental health issues and also have experience of complex needs, challenging behaviours and dual diagnosis. Our Support varies considerably in terms of amount and type and can take place in a variety of different places. We can support someone in their own home independently, with family or in one of our own properties. We are regulated by national bodies such as Supporting People, Care Quality Commission and housing regulators. The support we provide is entirely in your hands. We will support you where you want to be supported, when you want to be supported, to do what you want to do and with a person you have chosen. At the centre of what we do is you the customer and our support is always based on the journey you want to take. You could say we are just along the ride, and will help you in your journey in any way we can. This is a commitment we make to you that you have full choice and involvement in decision making. We know from nearly 40 years' experience that everyone is different, which means they will want different things. We can help with that. While we do offer the traditional forms of support, we can also do things differently. So if you want something that is different, let us know and we will try our best to find it for you. Self-Directed support is changing the way people get support and the types of support that are being offered. It is no longer about you fitting in with everyone else, but about us fitting in with you. We have experience doing this and we want to be sure that any service you get from us is all about you, what you want, when you want it, how you want it. To achieve this Advance regularly consults with it's customers on many areas of the organisation. This can include having your say on your individual service, to the contractors we use, and even helping us shape the policies and procedures which we work to. We are committed to treating each and every customer as an individual with dignity and respect and we achieve this in many ways. We have recently launched a peer reviewer programme where we employ customers we support to visit and review other services with support workers. This allows customers to see what else is offered within the organisation and their views and opinions from talking to people within that service will form their recommendations which are incorporated into an action plan to improve the service. This is further enhanced by regular surveys which can cover certain specific issues or the service in general. We also regularly review and update support plans with customers to ensure the support they are receiving is relevant. This will be enhanced by the new introduction of iPlanit - an interactive web based support planning tool which allows everyone involved in an individual's support to view progress on a support plan in real time and for customers to use photographs, videos and music to express themselves. If you want to find out more about us, why not check out our website

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