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Small Steps Service Nottinghamshire

Small Steps is a service providing early support and evidence-based interventionsto families of children and young people displaying behaviours that cause concern or challenge.

Support will be available where there is no formal diagnosis of ASD or ADHD, but where behaviours maybe indicative or characteristic of these conditions and also for families of children and young people diagnosed with ASD and/or ADHD.

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Small Steps
01623 672 152
Information and Support Line: 07966 528 940

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Small Steps is through professional referral only. Please liaise with a professional involved with your child/family e.g. Healthy Family Team or School Setting.

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Small steps but big help
I attended the first workshop of the small steps on Wednesday, and it was brilliant . I met josh and holly and they were a great help.  I have also shared my positive experience for other parents out there too .. thank you very much for all the help, looking forward to the next session. date: Thu 08/11/2018

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Facebook is monitored during office hours Monday - Friday, however if your enquiry is serious, urgent or involves personal details, we advise you to contact the team on 0300 500 80 80 or email:

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