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The 25% ME Group

The 25% ME Group is a nationwide community based voluntary group. They have two members of staff paid for by the Lottery Fund and volunteers (most of whom are chronic ME sufferers). They provide a range of services to people affected by severe ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), many of whom are virtually housebound or bed bound.

The Lottery Fund has provided the 25% ME Group with sufficient funding to allow them to provide an advocacy service for a three year period. The service will provide the following:

  • Benefits checks.
  • Assist individuals to apply for identified benefits.
  • Assist individuals to appeal if a benefit is refused.
  • In some circumstances represent individuals at appeals tribunals.
  • Advice and information regarding housing legislation.
  • Assist individuals to apply for suitable housing.
  • Advice and information regarding community care.
  • Assist individuals to access and comment in respect of their care pans.
  • Where appropriate advise individuals about local authority complaints procedures.
  • In some circumstances provide representation at complaints hearings.
  • Advocate for individuals with the various health services and assist them to access personal information.
  • In certain circumstances assist in the preparation and representation of health board complaints.
  • Assist individuals to claim assistance from the social fund.
  • Advice with direct payments scheme.
  • Advice regarding the Children (Scotland) Act 1995.
  • Advice regarding The Human Rights Act.
  • Advice regarding homelessness.
  • Advocacy information sheets on various subjects.

Other services include:

  • Twice yearly newsletter.
  • Talking book service.
  • Practical and emotional support.
  • Telephone helpline.

Who to contact

01292 318611

Where to go

Church Street
KA10 6HT

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