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Doncaster and Bassetlaw NHS Hospital Foundation Trust

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust comprises three hospital sites:

 - Doncaster Royal Infirmary

 - Bassetlaw Hospital, Worksop 

 - Montagu Hospital

 - these are complimented by outpatient clinics at Retford Hospital.


Who to contact

01302 366666
Doncaster and Bassetlaw NHS Hospital Foundation Trust

Where to go

Bassetlaw Hospital
Kilton Hill
S81 0BD

Other Details

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Staff make every effort to ensure that services, buildings and facilities are accessible to all, whatever their disability.

"We have been upgrading the external features of the hospital sites to make access for wheelchairs easier. Our programme of improvements also includes internal works but these have to take place around the needs of patients".

They have Minicoms at each of the hospital sites for people with hearing difficulties; the phone numbers are on our letters and in patients' booklets. They subscribe to a translation service for those whose first language isn't English and so have difficulties with communication. This is available through the PALS office.

In addition a group of healthcare workers at Bassetlaw Hospital have been using sign language to communicate even better with patients who have learning difficulties/disabilities.

All Patient leaflets and booklets, produced by our staff, are available, on request, in large print.

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