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Aebal leisure 'groups'

Aebal Leisure ‘Groups’ is a recent addition to the Aebal Leisure service and offers a simple way of becoming involved in group leisure activities. Unlike ‘Support’ and ‘Connect’ the sessions do not include mentoring or support planning and the activities are pre-determined. Aebal ‘Groups’ is an ideal way to become introduced to the service, try some leisure activities and meet some new people.

The sessions involve groups of four or more people and we always form a close and sociable environment. The group sizes are never too large as it’s important for us to bring like-minded people together and also enable full interaction with the activities. The ‘Groups’ sessions are usually delivered at the weekends and, although transport can be organised, people typically travel to the venue of their own accord. The activities aim to be as inclusive as possible and we are always coming up with creative and fun new ideas! The costs of the activity and session duration (and travel) are calculated prior to the activity and a flat rate is charged as opposed to the hourly rate of ‘Support’ and ‘Connect’. Often our existing service users will utilise the ‘Groups’ sessions to add another dimension to their person-centred support. Others will come along just to access ‘Groups’ as a much needed outlet to the community and a way to become more active. The activities are typically self-funded and a simple disclaimer is necessary for those who are not involved with ‘Support or ‘Connect’.

Who to contact

07591 555858
Parent Organisation
Aebal leisure

Where to go

Bourne Street

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£7.00 to £50.00

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Record Last Updated On: 04/11/2021

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