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Carers Information Booklet - Using technology to stay safe at home

There is a range of equipment that can help to keep the person you care for independent in their own home and provide you with peace of mind.  Monitors and alarms can detect if there is an emergency and alert a carer or support centre.

To access this technology, the person that you care for needs to have a care and support assessment and be eligible for care and support.  There is no charge to install equipment but there is a small weekly charge for 24 hour telecare.

We can supply three types of systems:

  • Telecare - sensors in the home are linked through a telephone line to a 24 hour monitoring centre and will automatically contact the centre if they detect danger
  • Standalone assistive technology - sensors in the home send an alarm to a portable pager unit, which a carer can carry with them
  • Just Checking - uses a number of movement sensors to monitor which rooms a person uses and any times they leave the home.  This can assess how well a person with dementia is managing daily living activities.

Equipment can raise alerts in a number of situations.  Examples include: falls, a person wandering, epilepsy seizures, smoke or extreme temperature detection.

Hoe do I find out more?

call: 0300 500 80 80


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