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Aebal leisure 'Connect'

aebal Leisure is a progressive social support service covering the whole of Nottinghamshire.We offer outreach support for adults with autism, learning disabilities and mental health problems. We specialise in short, person-focused sessions which include a wide range of leisure, sports, social and volunteer opportunities.   Aebal Leisure…

07591 555858

Aebal leisure 'groups'

Aebal Leisure ‘Groups’ is a recent addition to the Aebal Leisure service and offers a simple way of becoming involved in group leisure activities. Unlike ‘Support’ and ‘Connect’ the sessions do not include mentoring or support planning and the activities are pre-determined. Aebal ‘Groups’ is…

07591 555858

aebal leisure 'Support'

Aebal Leisure ‘Support’ is about working with people on a one to one basis to help them reach personal goals and become more active and independent. This service option is as much about mentoring and understanding the person’s background as it is about sourcing leisure…

07591 555858
Local Offer

Afasic - Unlocking Speech & Language

Afasic was founded in 1968 as a parent-led organisation to help children and young people with speech and language impairments and their families. We provide information and training for parents - and professionals - and produces a range of publications. Members meet in local groups…

0300 666 9410

Affordable Warmth Solutions

National Grid is tackling some of the issues caused by increasing energy prices and the growth of Fuel Poverty in the UK. National Grid has established a new Community Interest Company (CIC), Affordable Warmth Solutions CIC. Subject to final contract arrangements National Grid Affordable Warmth…

0121 592 0181

Afro-Caribbean Women's Group (Men Welcome)

African-Caribbean retired people, based in the Meadows primarily, but everyone welcome. Afro-Caribbean club, exercise, lunch and craft activities for retired people. Everybody welcome. The group has exercise in the morning, then lunch and, finances permitting, will do crafts in the afternoon.  

0115 911 1661 : c/o Self Help UK's Information Service Monday-Friday 9.00am-1.00pm

Age Gracefully Ltd

Age Gracefully mission is to maximize the quality of assisted living by providing personalised, high quality care facility that promotes a safe, healthy, and caring environment, incorporating our Core Values in our daily activities. Our values are simple, Age Gracefully Ltd. strives to offer excellent…

0115 929 8633 07985 547489

Age UK

Age UK is an international charity fighting to free disadvantaged older people from poverty, isolation and neglect. We research the needs of older people in the UK and overseas and campaign for changes in policy. We provide community services and publish information on finance, how to…

Advice line: 0800 678 1602

Age UK - Claiming Benefits

Each year up to £3.7bn of benefits go unclaimed by older people.  Let us help make it easier. Are you claiming the right benefits? Find out what you are entitled to and how to claim.

0800 678 1602

Age UK - Hospital Discharge Arrangements

Going into hospital can be a difficult time both for you and your family but it can make the experience less stressful if you know what should happen to ensure the right support is in place when you are ready to leave. Our guide will…

0800 678 1602

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