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Caring for an Adult

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A carer:

  • could be a relative, friend or neighbour
  • doesn't have to live with the person
  • doesn't have to be the only person that provides care
  • may be caring for more than one person
  • may care for a person who is a frail older person, has a long-term physical illness or disability, a learning disability, be deaf or visually impaired or experience mental health or substance misuse problems
  • could provide support such as help with practical tasks such as washing, dressing, taking medicines, shopping or laundry, emotional support, help to manage difficult behaviour, 'keeping an eye' on someone to make sure they are safe, keeping someone company or helping them when they go out

Nottinghamshire County Council also provides support to:

  • young adult carers, aged between 18 and 24
  • young carers (children and young people under the age of 25)

Personal budgets for carers

A personal budget is a one-off payment of up to £200 to help carers look after their own health and wellbeing.  For example:

  • funding towards the cost of holidays, weekends away, days out, spa days etc
  • transport for a break away or visiting family
  • funding for a hobby e.g. fishing, golf, cooking, exercise equipment
  • college courses
  • driving lessons
  • home improvements, gardening, domestic help
  • equipment to help caring e.g. washing machine, dishwasher
  • funding to support a return to work

To see if you are eligible for a personal budget you will need to have a carer's assessment to look at what your needs are.

Nottinghamshire Carers Hub

Carers Trust East Midlands offer a range of support and services for carers that can be accessed via the Nottinghamshire Carers Hub

Carers Assessments

If you care for someone you have a right to ask for a carer’s assessment. The assessment will look at the impact that caring has on you and the support that you may need.

Caring may have an effect on you, for example your health, work, social life, finance, education, family and personal life. It is important that you know what help is available to help you balance your caring life with a life of your own.

The assessment is about you, not the person you care for. You can have a carer assessment whether or not the person you care for has had a care and support assessment.

There is no charge for support provided as a result of a carer’s assessment. 

Carers Breaks

Many people have an informal carer living with them, or perhaps living nearby, who helps them on a regular basis.  Carers sometimes need a break and this may be provided in several ways: the person being cared for may wish to go into a care home for a week or two; may arrange home-based respite care where another carer moves into your home; or may arrange for family-based respite care where the person moves into another family's home for a short time.

The best option for you all will depend on the person's needs, the urgency of the situation and personal choice and cost.

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