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Short Break Providers & Direct Payments

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Short Breaks Provision

This page contains information on short breaks provision for those children and young people eligible for short breaks, including direct payments for activities,  Personal Assistants, and a range of short breaks providers.


 Short Break Providers

Finding a short breaks provider

You can providers listed under each of the sub-category buttons above (Once in the selected sub-category use the filters to narrow down your results if required). You will then be able to find further information on each provider, including what services they offer, dates, times and costs, by clicking in to their individual record. Contact details are listed for each provider so you can contact them for further information.

Short Break Provider Directory

The services listed in this directory are available to those families whose disabled children and young people are eligible for a short break service. This may have been through completing a short break application online through Nottinghamshire’s Local Offer site or through an assessment carried out by Nottinghamshire County Council’s Children’s Disability Service or Short Break Assessment and Review Team.

The providers listed in this directory have been through Nottinghamshire County Councils tender process to be able to be listed on our Approved Provider Framework for disabled children and young people. Certain restrictions may apply to each of the services listed, for example age range, districts of the county and specific disabilities – please look at these closely when choosing your potential provider/s. The availability of service may also depend on the provider being able to take new children/young people on at the time. There are contact details for each of the providers if you wish to find out further details.










Short Breaks Newsletter

This is the first edition of the short breaks newsletter for those children, young people and families eligible for short breaks in the County. Nottinghamshire County Council are continually working to develop short breaks services that meet the needs of local families and this newsletter aims to share information, including the latest developments on new short breaks provision.

 Universal Activities and Events

The following links will take you to sources of information regarding events and activities, that can be accessed by all children and young people, which are taking place across Nottinghamshire, including school holiday activities:

 Direct Payment for Activities

If your child/young person has been issued a direct payment for activities you can read further information on this, including what activities the direct payment can be used for by either clicking here or on the image below: 

Nottinghamshire Short Breaks Direct payment for Activities








You can also find detailed guidance on direct payments by reading the direct payment policy and by reading the direct payments guidance or by clicking on the icons below:

Direct payment guidance Direct payment policy

 Direct Payment for Personal Assistants (PAs)

If you wish to find out information about the role of a Personal Assistant or are looking for a Personal Assistant to provide support for your child or young person you can find further information on the Notts Help Yourself website Personal Assistant Directory.

You can also read the direct payment guidance or by cliking on the icon below:

Direct payment guidance

 Direct Payment Pre-Paid Debit Cards

You can read a guide to direct payment pre-paid debit cards or by clicking on the icon below;

Direct Payment pre-paid debit cards

 Payroll Providers for Direct Payments

If your child/young person has been issued a direct payment for a Personal Assistant you may wish to consider using a specialist company to manage your employee payroll.

There are several companies who offer specialist payroll support services and some of these are listed below:

You can read a document with all of their contact details or you can access this by clicking on the icon below: 

Direct payment payroll providers support list

 Interested in providing short breaks services?

Short breaks tender

Nottinghamshire County Council have a short breaks tender for any provider who is interested in offering short breaks services for children/young people with disabilities around the County. If you would like further information on this then please make contact with Phil Smith, Market Development Officer, on the following contact details:

Tel: 0115 8040 944 or email:

Short Breaks Market Position Statement

The purpose of this document is to provide key market intelligence, which will be useful to existing and potential providers in making business and investment decisions. It should act as a starting point for discussions between providers and the County Council by highlighting the short breaks provision that the Council wishes to commission in the future. You can access the document by clicking here or on the icon below:


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