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COVID19 HiVisUK Guide No.4

This Hi-Vis UK information and guidance series is designed to help those
supporting or caring for an older person who may have undetected Dual
Sensory Impairment (DSI) and those already identified with DSI during this
COVID-19 emergency and the guidance on social distancing and socially
isolating. Our guides are also for their family, friends, neighbours, carers and
care organisations, social care and health care providers.

The individual guides aim to help you quickly understand the impacts of DSI
and the extra challenges brought about by the COVID-19 emergency of keeping
them and you safe and still having effective communication.

Our guides cover a range of everyday situations and related challenges facing
a DSI person and those who need to see them during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Our fourth guide is for anyone providing social or health care who may not have
been trained in DSI. How do we increase identification of the huge number of
older people with DSI currently undetected, so they can be advised, assessed
and supported?

Hearing Impairment and Visual Impairment Support UK
Corona Virus, dual sensory impairment, DSI
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