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Wrap around provision

What is wrap around provision?

This refers to childcare before or after the school. If it's in the school holidays then it's holiday care.

A Breakfast Club is a place where children can be dropped off before school, usually from 7.30 am / 8.00 am, and enjoy breakfast together.

An After-School Club is a place for children to go after the school day is finished but office hours haven't - usually from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm. The Club may be in your child's school, another local school or different premises. Sometimes play workers will escort children from their school to the Club.

After-School Clubs provide opportunities for fun activities such as games, sport and craft activities. Some After-School Clubs provide computers and also allow time for children to do their homework.

A Holiday Scheme operates in the school holidays and offers groups of children a range of organised activities, from art and crafts to outings. They are usually open between 8.30 am to 6.00 pm.

What qualfications do providers need to have?

Most out of school clubs will need to be registered with OFSTED on the Early Years Register or Compulsory Childcare Register, or both. Your club may also be registered on the Voluntary part of the Childcare Register. The statutory requirements for qualifications are slightly different depending on which register your club is on. However, All out of school clubs that are registered with Ofsted must have a member of staff with a 12 hour paediatric first aid who is present and available at all sessions, as well as a trained lead practitioner for child protection. All other staff must have child protection training, and all staff involved in the preparation of food and snacks must have received and food handling and hygiene training. Finally, there must be a trained special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO), and all staff must have a satisfactory enhanced DBS disclosure.

To satisfy the statutory requirements for settings on the different registers, an out of school club needs to have staff with the qualifications or training set out in the document below:

Essential Qualifications for out of School Care provision

What are the normal child to adult ratios at out of school provision? What happens if my child needs more supervision?

For wraparound care clubs the statutory minimum ratio for children of reception age and above is 1 adult to 30 children, however clubs will still need to meet all the other Ofsted welfare requirements. For example, clubs are required to ensure the safety of the children, understand and meet the individual needs of the children, ensure they are adequately supervised, and keep them within sight or hearing at all times. 
Even if the statutory minimum ratio is 1:30, out of school clubs must also ensure that they are meeting the staff:child ratio demanded by their insurers. Childcare insurers typically require a ratio of 1:8 for early years children and around 1:10 for under eights.

The Out of School Alliance currently recommend the following staffing ratios to providers:

  • out of school clubs continue to operate at a ratio of around 1:8 for children up to the age of eight;
  • a ratio of around 1:10 for children over the age of eight.


My local school don't offer a breakfast club or after school club. Do I have a right to request wrap around care?

Yes. In May 2016 the Department for Education published guidance for maintained schools, academies and free schools laying out how parents and childcare providers can exercise their ’rights to request’ wraparound and holiday childcare and the use of school premises.

parents and providers rights to request

My child can only be collected by certain adults. How is my child safeguarded in this area?

Providers must only release children into the care of individuals who have been notified to the provider by the parent, and must ensure that children do not leave the premises unsupervised. Providers must take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised persons entering the premises and have an agreed procedure for checking the identity of visitors (Section 3.62 of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage).

My child is being supported by an older child rather than staff member. Is this appropriate?

No. Children should always be supervised and supported by a suitably qualified member of staff.

My child has specific dietary requirements. Does their Breakfast Club have to accommodate these?

Yes. Out of school clubs also have other statutory regulations that they must adhere to when providing food and drink for the children in their care if they are registered with Ofsted. The welfare requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage state that:

"Before a child is admitted to the setting the provider must also obtain information about any special dietary requirements, preferences and food allergies that the child has, and any special health requirements... Providers must record and act on information from parents and carers about a child's dietary needs."
[para 3.47 Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, 2017]

The room used for breakfast club is not suitable for my child’s mobility needs. What happens if the provider is unwilling to consider other options?

Under the Equality Act 2010 schools, early years childcare settings, local councils and other organisations that provide services to your child must not discriminate against them if they are disabled, and must make reasonable adjustments to ensure that they have the same play and learning opportunities as other children.

You should speak to the manager or SENCO, if there is one, to discuss your child’s needs whilst at the club. If the staff team require additional training, you should discuss with them who should provide this training – it may be you, a health worker or a specialist. You will also need to explore whether the premises need to be adapted to enable your child to have the same opportunities as other children.

Should I have to pay extra to access care outside the school day, due to my child’s additional needs?

No. Under the Equality Act 2010 schools, early years childcare settings, local councils and other organisations that provide services to your child must not discriminate against them if they are disabled, and must make reasonable adjustments to ensure that they have the same play and learning opportunities as other children

My child gets very upset on the days I have to take him to Breakfast Club. How do I find out if there is a problem?

You should discuss this with the Manager of the club to inform them of your concerns and to ascertain if there is anything that may be causing your child to become upset when attending the club. They have a responsibility to ensure your child's welfare and that their needs are being met and it may be that some adjustments or additional support is required.

Can my child be excluded from after school club due to their behaviour?

Behaviour Management

All out of school clubs should have a behaviour management policy, which should outline how negative and innapropriate behaviour is managed by using constructive behaviour management techniques. Some children may need additional support in order to achieve acceptable levels of behaviour. Where a child is identified with these needs the provider should work closely with the parents/carers to manage the behaviour in accordance with their behaviour management policy.

Where a child persistently behaves innapropriately there may be a formal warning where staff will explain why the behaviour is unnaceptable along with the consequences of further incidents. Staff should identify strategies to avoid such incidents in future. Parents/carers should always be notifed if a formal warning has been issued.


A child should only be suspended or excluded from a club as a last resort where all other behaviour management straegies have failed or if it is felt that children or staff are at risk.

Suspensions and exclusions should be fair, consistent and appropriate to the behaviour concerned, and take account of the child’s age and maturity as well as any other factors relevant to the child’s situation. If appropriate, advice may be sought from other agencies; this may include accessing funding for additional support.

If a temporary suspension is applied the provision should always stipulate clearly how long the suspension is for and discuss their concerns with the parent/carer in order to work together to promote a more desirable pattern of behaviour. At the end of the suspension period the Manager of the provision should meet with the parent/carer and the child in order to agree any conditions relating to the child's return to the club.

Permanent Exclusions

In exceptional circumstances, and only when all other attempts at behaviour management have failed, may it be necessary to permanently exclude a child from the setting.

If a child is permanently excluded from the club, the parents/carers shoul be given a verbal and written explanation of the issues and subsequent actions. They should have the right to appeal the decision to the Manager/Management Committee within a set period of time of receiving the written notification of the exclusion.

My child’s school only offer provision until 5pm but I don’t finish work until 5.30pm. Can my child attend provision at a different school?

Yes, if transport is available. You will need to discuss this with the out of school club that you would like your child to attend if you are unable to make your own arrangements.

Can I apply for my child’s school place solely based on the wrap around provision they provide?

No. You will need to apply for a school place based on the standard school's admission criteria, which includes children living in the catchment area and having siblings who also attend the school. However, under the admissions criteria for most schools you can also stipulate additional reasons for your child attending a specific school due to special circumstances:

Special Circumstances

Consideration will be given to applicants who can establish exceptional medical, social or humanitarian grounds (e.g. a learning, behavioural or mobility difficulty which calls for special educational provision) relating to the child or to the circumstances of the family. Supporting written evidence from a relevant professional such as a doctor or social worker must be provided at the time of application, together with details of the particular reasons why it is considered that the school is the most suitable school and the difficulties that would be caused if the child had to attend another school. Each case will be considered on its merits and the allocation of any such place will be determined by comparing the written evidence presented along with the capacity for the school for the identified needs. The school Governing Body may seek any independent specialist advice deemed necessary.

If a school is named on a child's Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan then they must be admitted to that school.

For further details of the determined admission arrangements for individual schools in Nottinghamshire please click on the following link: Admission Arrangements

How can I choose the best wraparound provision for my child?

The Out of School Alliance have produced inforrmation to help parents and carers choose an out of school club for their child. Please click on the document below:

Choosing a out of school club

What financial support is available for parents of children with special needs, to allow them to search for and then return to work?

2 year old children may be eligible for 15 hours of funded provision. 3 and 4 year olds are eligible for 15 hours of funded provision and some children may be eligible for 30 hours. If the service is Ofsted registered, you may be able to get help to pay for this through the childcare element of Working Tax Credit, Universal Credit, Tax Free Childcare or employer childcare vouchers. If the setting is named in your child’s EHC plan, you may be able to use direct payments or part of a personal budget for this care.

To access further information please click on the following link: Help with Childcare

The GOV.UK website also provides information on paying for childcare and what benefits you may be entitled to.


Who can I speak to with regard to help and support with wrap around provision in my area?

  • You can speak to Nottinghamshire County Council's Customer Service Team. They are open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm. 


  • Local Schools and Early Years Settings will be able to provide details of wraparound provision.


  • Nottinghamshire Help Yourself enables you to search for childcare providers in your area, including out of school provision. Just click on the following link: Childcare


  • ASK US Nottinghamshire can provide advice and guidance to parents/carers of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities including finding the right provision for your child.



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