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Nottinghamshire's Training Offer

Nottinghamshire’s Training Offer:

Nottinghamshire has made full use of funding available from the Department for Work and pensions to access the following 4 modules:

  1. Understanding the parental conflict and its impact on child outcomes.
  2. Identifying and exploring parental conflict with parents.
  3. Working with parents in conflict to promote behaviour change and positive communication.
  4. The role of supervisors and managers in managing people to address parental conflict.

There are a number of practitioners from a variety of agencies, including schools, DWP, Family Service, Childrens Centres, Childrens Social Care, Quality and Attainment Team and Health who have also completed the ‘Train the Trainer’ programme, who will be able to act as champions and continue to deliver further training as required.

A new E learning module to raise awareness of Reducing Parental Conflict,is now available through NSCP training, link here: Reducing Parental Conflict (

Below you will find details of events taking place:

Webinar flyer

Click on the flyer for details of a webinar on the differences between domestic abuse and parental conflict which is being held on several dates during 2023 and 2024





Reducing Parental Conflict Flyer [PDF]

A series of two free reducing parental conflict training is provided for Nottinghamshire practitioners and professionals.  

FIRST: Relationships Really Matter - Reducing Parental Conflict Awareness Online Training

SECOND: Relationships Really Matter - Reducing Parental Conflict Resources Online Training

***Reducing Parental Conflict Resources In-person Training at Retford Family Hub on 6th November, 2023. 

If you need any further advice or support please contact Reducing Parental Conflict Team:


Call: Ann Meakin +44 7825 843128

The team delivers tailor-made awareness-raising and practitioner training, and offers further advice and guidance on the subject of parental conflict.

Relationships Really Matter Pathway

Relationships Really Matter Pathway

Click on the image below to see a full-size version of the pathway





One plus One Digital Interventions

Digital Flyers for One plus One digital interventions

Me, you and baby too, Arguing better, Getting it right for children, and a 3 in 1 flier

Me You and Baby Too Course Flyer   Arguing Better Course Flyer   Getting it Right for Children Course Flyer   OnePlusOne 3 in 1 Course Flier [Printable]






Skills Cards for Getting it right for children

Getting it right for children skills card 1Getting it right for children skills card 2





Getting it right for children skills card 3Getting it right for children skills card 4





Getting it right for children skills card 5





Screening Tools

Screening Tools

These screening tools can help professionals to identify if further support is required.  Click on each one to open the document they can also be printed.

Parental DA screening link  Intact Couples link  Separated parents link

Parent problem checklist link  Score 15 link  RPC Cases that could be DV link

DA and HC screening tool link

Useful Resources to use with Parents

NCC Relationships Really Matter / Reducing Parental Conflict Toolkit | Nottinghamshire County Council Staff

A toolkit gathering all the information and resources at one point only currently accessible for Nottinghamshire County Council staff

Getting On Better Cards

Below are a series of “Getting On Better” cards, a useful resource, that can help you have discussions with parents about conflict in their relationship, the impact on children and ideas on how to makes positive changes. These can also be printed.

Stages and changes

Arguments are like fire

Conflict styles

The magic ratio

Better Communication

Harmful and Helpful

Child Roles

Parent Roles





















short guide to working with co-parents cover

Why we don’t

Why we should and

How we could

A short guide to working with co-parents from The Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships.

Click on the cover to open up this guide


The Amity Little Book of Relationship Care - click to open or download this resource

This self-help workbook is designed to help couples understand why they argue and how they can reconnect and navigate their arguments in a more constructive way. 

The Amity Relationship Toolkit Parental Conflict cover image

The Amity Relationship Toolkit Parental Conflict - click to open or download this resource

This practical resource is useful for any organisation that is looking to boost its approach to building better relationships for parents. At its heart are transformative ways of working, ideas and tools that will build solid foundations for every member of the organisation – helping them to feel confident when working with couple relationships.

Parenting Together - Supporting Children through separation is a guide is designed to help separating and separated parents (outside of court) understand what their children need most from them and how to put this into practice



One Plus One logo

Nottinghamshire County Council is commissioning OnePlusOne which is a leading research charity with over 50 years’ experience in creating evidence-based resources to support the development of healthy relationships.  It provides interactive digital resources that raise awareness of the impact of stress and conflict on children, giving parents/carers the skills to manage conflict more constructively and parent co-operatively.



Knowledge hub logo

Reducing Parental Conflict Group on Knowledge Hub

This is an online community for those with an interest in reducing parental conflict and the impact this can have on children, young people and families. Join the group to keep up-to-date on policies, webinars, research and other publications and events on the topic. You can also keep in touch with practice and other practitioners and what they're learning.


You will need a sign in for this group but Knowledge Hub is a free to join, UK hosted, community platform. It supports professional social networking, collaboration and the sharing of information and ideas across public administration, the public sector and those working in or with public service improvement. logo

Reducing Parental Conflict Programme and resources published by the Department for Work and Pensions

Visit Reducing Parental Conflict programme and resources - GOV.UK (

Information and resources for leaders, managers and practitioners helping to reduce the impact of potentially damaging inter-parental conflict on children. Contents include:

  1. The importance of Reducing Parental Conflict
  2. The Reducing Parental Conflict programme: context and activity
  3. Resources to support leaders, managers and practitioners reduce parental conflict
  4. Reducing Parental Conflict programme: published reports and information


Early Intervention Foundation logo

The Reducing Parental Conflict Hub for the Early Intervention Foundation

Visit Reducing Parental Conflict – EIF

Our hub is for local leaders, commissioners, practitioners and researchers who are looking to reduce the impact of parental conflict on children. It provides a central repository of key ‘what works’ evidence and tools, including why parental conflict matters for children’s outcomes, and guidance on how to take action. The hub will continue to grow as new evidence and tools are created.


Anna Freud logo

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families



Race Equality Foundation logo

 Here is a link to a parental conflict toolkit from the Race Equality Foundation which as practitioners you may find helpful? 

 Visit Conflict Toolkit

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