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Supporting Men Experiencing Domestic Abuse

Equation offer support for men experiencing abuse. Our service is available for men aged 18 or over in Nottinghamshire and 16 and over in Nottingham City.

Following a DASH-Ric assessment to identify the risk of harm, Equation is able to arrange time-limited support to men experiencing domestic violence and abuse. Support available for men experiencing abuse is varied and could include accommodation arrangements or practical and emotional assistance.

Workers can now refer men living in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County experiencing domestic violence and abuse at any risk level (standard, medium or high) to Equation. Men can also refer themselves.

Who can be referred?

  • Men aged 16 or over living in Nottingham City
  • Men aged 18 or over living in Nottinghamshire County
  • Men experiencing domestic violence and abuse at standard, medium and high levels of risk

How to make a referral

1. Get a referral form

Contact Equation’s Service for Men on 0115 960 5556 to request a referral form, or leave a message with your name, organisation and contact number.

You can also download the referral form below.

Nottingham City referral form

Nottinghamshire County referral form

2. Complete the referral form and return it to Equation securely via email

If you have a secure email address: email or

If you don’t have a secure email address: password protect the referral form and email or

Equation will assess need and appropriateness for the service.

What support for men does Equation offer?

This service will provide time-limited support to men who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse.

  • Risk assessment will be undertaken to identify risk of harm to the client using a DASH RIC form (you may already have completed one of these as part of your support).
  • The type of support provided will be identified against risk level and need.
  • Support may include practical and emotional assistance, and signposting to other specialist services such as counselling
  • Assessment will be made to ensure that work with the individual is appropriate and safe.

Equation operates structured safeguarding and assessment protocols in its work with men.

What else do you need to do?

If you are working with a man you have assessed as high risk you need to follow MARAC procedures.  If you are unsure what this means, please contact Equation’s service for men on 0115  960  5556 and we will talk you through the process.

Further information

For more information about DASH RIC assessments/ MARACs and risk in relation to domestic violence and abuse please go to Equation’s Best Practice Library.

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