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You Said, We Did (SEND)

The Local Offer must develop and respond to feedback from you, its users. On this page we will publish summaries of the thoughts and comments that you've shared with us. We'll also provide details of what Nottinghamshire is doing in response to this feedback.

Remember if you want to comment on the local offer there are a number of ways you can do this:

1) By completing the short Survey on the Local Offer homepage to let us know how easy you've found using the site. Was it easy to search and navigate? Was information presented in a clear and helpful way? Etc.

2) You can use the "What's Missing" link (above the number 1 on the Local Offer homepage). This opens a comments box which you can use to tell us about services or provision that you are using or aware of that aren't currently included or notify us of gaps in the services and provision that are currently available. Alternatively you can email to let the team know if there are gaps in the Local Offer. Please provide as much information as you can. We'll then make contact with the provider and ask them to register their information on the Local Offer.

3) By using the Nottinghamshire Participation Hub (NPH) meetings in your area to highlight any gaps or to advise on what is or isn't working well with the Local Offer. (You can find out more about NPH by using the link to their website on the right side of this page under ‘external links’). 

NCC accessible standard information:

Telephone: 0300 500 80 80
CSC minicom: 01623 434993
We are open Monday - Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm and Saturday's 8:00am - 12 noon.





12/09/2016 Comment from Take the Survey on the Home Page

YOU SAID: Make a phone number more prominent to assist people in finding what they want.

RESPONSE: Each provision on the Local Offer should be leaving full contact details including a contact name and telephone number and email address. This can be seen in the ‘Who to Contact’ section under the title of the provision when you click in to the record. We will be contacting all providers by email at least annually to ensure their provision record is kept up to date. 


Email Feedback received October 2016


I am the parent of a 20 year old young man, he is wheelchair dependent, but very vocal and extremely sociable. I have used the Local Offer website as I am looking for his next stage, as he will be leaving Portland college next year, July 2017. The site is very useful but I would like to make a couple of observations. I am looking for Day Services and there are plenty, however, it is a little confusing as there are no sections specifically for young people. It would make it alot easier to negotiate if a designated page/section. Also the same applies to respite places. So that as a parent we can see at a glance what is available for our young adults. It may not seem important but I have got frustrated having to go backwards and forwards - Mrs F, Nottinghamshire


  • E-mailed and thanked her for her feedback and clarified how she searched for the information.
  • Advised that we are currently in the process of working on the search function with the company who host the Local Offer website (Open Objects Software Ltd) to ensure that it can bring up more accurate search results and will be raising this again.
  • Advised that another way to search on this occasion would be to go to the ‘directory categories’ on the left side of the search bar and scroll down to 'help in your home and community' then click on to adult day services. If you put in a postcode or an area where you are looking then use the filters to further narrow down the search by age it should bring up more accurate search results.
  • Discuss with Open objects the idea of a pop up pointing at the filters encouraging people to use them.


21/10/2016 - Feedback from Nottinghamshire Parent Carer Forum

YOU SAID: The 'home' button on the webpages takes you back to the Notts Help Yourself home pages and not the Local Offer, which is frustrating when navigating the site.

Many of the information pages have too many words and need to be reduced.


  • Liaised with Open Objects and requested that a Local Offer home page button was added to the search button, which was completed.
  • We checked all of the wording on the key information pages and reduced these where possible to ensure they are concise whilst still providing vital and necesssary information. A set of 'easy read' guides have been produced for all of the key advice and guidance pages including all stages of the EHC Plan pathway. These can be found on the individual pages under 'downloads' on the right hand side of key pages. Open Objects are currently in the process of creating a repository for all of the easy read guides and a new easily identifiable easy read symbol will be added to key pages and the easy read guides will be able to be found by clicking in to the symbol.


16/11/2016 Comment from Take the Survey on the Home Page

YOU SAID: Only groups specific for special needs. More appealing brighter layout.

RESPONSE: When a provision signs in to add their record to the Local Offer this is sent to the administrative part of the system in draft form and will be checked to ensure this is appropriate (i.e. for children and young people aged 0 – 25 with special educational needs and /or disabilities) to be added to the Local Offer website. If we require further clarification from the provider on this we will make contact with them. If they do not offer provision for children/young people with special educational needs/disabilities then they should not be included on the site.

We are continually working on making the layout more appealing. The main coloured category tiles on the home page e.g. things to do, education were developed following consultation with parents/carers. We have been working with the local IRIS magazine to produce images of local children and young people and their families to add these to the website. A carousel of these images has been added to the title banner on the home page to hopefully make this feel more welcoming and appealing for people to use.

The ‘What’s Missing?’ icon on the home page has also been changed and is now a jigsaw puzzle with a piece missing, which hopefully reflects this better.

On the home page we have condensed this by removing unnecessary videos to other parts of the site and only have the ‘Films to help with using the Local Offer Videos’. This brings the 'What’s On' guide and 'News' fields closer to the top of the page, which parents/carers and young people may find particularly useful.


05/12/2016 Comment from Take the Survey on the Home Page

YOU SAID: Make it clearer. There is currently an overwhelming jumble of information.

RESPONSE: We are constantly striving to make the information on the Local Offer as clear and as accessible as possible including the layout and are always open to specific suggestions as to how this could be improved. The Local Offer is part of the wider Notts Help Yourself website and there is a proposal to look at the redesign of the site including making information easier to find. Currently the information we add will be listed under specific related categories e.g. you will find schools and colleges under education. We also have advice and guidance pages and will only link relevant information from both internal and external sources to these. For example, Under the Preparing for Adulthood page you can download information on Nottinghamshire’s transitions protocol and there is a link for the external Preparing for Adulthood website.


21/01/2017 Comment from Take the Survey on the Home Page

YOU SAID: Allow smart phone users to access the full site more easily. Have an online assessment type tool so parents can see what help might be available for our SEND children?

RESPONSE: The Local Offer should be fully accessible from smart phones including links and downloads. However, due to the size of the screen the layout will present slightly differently although the content will be the same.

The Local Offer is part of the wider Notts Help Yourself website and an online type assessment tool is potentially being considered at as part of a wider strategy to access the site. 


10/02/2017: Comment from Take the Survey on the Home Page

YOU SAID: Make it easier to navigate and understand.

RESPONSE: The search functionality is being addressed. We are currently in the process of working on the search function with the company who host the Local Offer website (Open Objects Software Ltd) to ensure that it can bring up more accurate search results.

We are trying to keep the wording concise for each record to make this as clear and understandable as possible. We have produced a series of Easy Read Guides for the key advice and guidance pages on the site. This has used a package of symbols called Somerset Total Communication, which is widely used by the learning disability community in Nottinghamshire with minimal wording. There will be an easy read symbol on the top right hand corner of key pages, which can be clicked on producing the easy read guide for that page. We will be looking at adding more easy read guides to the site as time progresses or as requested and these guides can be used by anyone accessing the site.


31/03/2017 - Feedback from Nottinghamshire Parent Carer Forum

YOU SAID: It is frustrating that you you are not able to save information pages and go back to these later on to read.

WE DID: Liaised with Open Objects in terms of creating a 'save the page' facility. They advised this could achieved by changing the status of pages in the back end of the system. We have since been though all of the key pages to change the page type to advice and guidance pages so they can be saved as requested. If you click on to key pages now and look to the right hand side under 'Actions' there should now be a 'Add to my list' facility so the page can be saved for viewing later and can be printed or emailed if needed.

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