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Health & Self Care

Self care is all about empowering you with the confidence and information to look after yourself when you can, and visiting health and care professionals when you need to. This gives you greater control of your own health and encourages healthy behaviours that help prevent ill health in the long-term.

 A Self Care Hub has been established to help you access free self care information and support. Our service covers the districts of Mansfield, Ashfield, Newark and Sherwood.

  • Are you living or caring for someone with a long-term health condition?
  • Would you like to know more about managing your health or getting support with making healthy choices, such as stopping smoking or improving your diet?
  • Do you need support with issues that may be affecting your health such as money worries, housing problems or feeling lonely?
  • Would you like to find out about local social or self help groups near you?

 If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, the Self Care Hub can help. Please click on the Self Care Hub link to the right to find out more.

Charitable and Support Organisations

These organisations are often larger, national charities focusing on particular issues such as age or a particular health condition.  They are often a good source of condition specific information.

Coming out of Hospital

People leaving hospital often feel very vulnerable and in need of support as they continue to get better. There is a range of support available from the immediate return home through to support to help you live at home independently.

Despite all the support to help you live at home, some people are unable to carry on living in their own homes and there are a range of options available to deal with this. 

Counselling and Support

This section lists counselling services that are available throughout Nottinghamshire.  Some of these organisations provide specialist services for people with particular needs.

Dietary Advice

Information and advice around healthy eating and weight management services.

Disability Identification Cards

A disability identification card allows you to alert other people that you have a disability and need some support. This could include using special facilities or being able to take advantage of special offers (for example free entry for a support worker).

Falls Prevention

Offers information on falls services, falls detectors and falls prevention advice.

For more advice on avoiding falls and staying healthy download the get up and go booklet [PDF].

You can also undertake a range of simple strength and balance exercises that can help improve co-ordination and balance by downloading the supplementary 'Get Up and Go' guidance booklet.

General Health and Wellbeing

Information and advice about healthy living including nutritional advice, exercise advice, wellbeing services and stop smoking services.

Health Education

Information about courses and educational programmes to support you to manage your long term condition and maintain your health.

Health Monitoring

Products, applications and assistive technology to assist you in monitoring and maintaining your health.

Health Visitor Drop In Sessions

Drop in sessions for families with new babies and young children.  Health visitor sessions offer advice and support around looking after your child as well as facilities such as weighing your baby.

Medical Waste

Your local council can arrange free collection of infectious/hazardous medical waste. They will provide yellow sacks for this. Boxes can also be provided for sharp (needle/syringes) collections.

The collections no longer include non-hazardous continence pads which should be placed in the non-recyclable bin.

Mobility Aids, Adaptations and Equipment

If you have difficulty with everyday tasks there is a range of equipment available to help you.

If you know what type of equipment you are looking for you should be able to find it through one of the suppliers in this section.  If you are unable to do so you may need to have a care and support assessment.  Following this the County Council will talk to you about your situation and what equipment might help you.  Any equipment the County Council provides is free of charge for as long as you need it.

My Condition

This section includes information around specific health conditions and organisations and services that can support people with these.

NHS Services

This area of the site details NHS Services including CCG information, learning disability teams, rehabilitation services and condition specific services.


Information on where you can get RADAR keys and when and how to use them.

Respite Care

Many people have an informal carer living with them, or perhaps living nearby, who helps them on a regular basis.  Carers sometimes need a break and this may be provided in several ways:

The best option for you all will depend on the person's needs, the urgency of the situation and personal choice and cost.

Self Help and Support Groups

Self help and support groups provide a forum for people to talk to others who face similar issues and to share their experience. They are an opportunity for people to learn from each other and provide each other with support.

Sexual Health

This section of the site details of contraception and sexual health services.

Social Care Services

This area of the site details some of the various services offered by Adult Social Care and Health.  These range from traditional social work services through to community outreach advisors.

Substance Misuse Services

These services are designed to help people with drug and alcohol addictions and their families.


Telephone technologies to assist you with your self care goals.

Therapy Services

The therapy services in this section include rehabilitation, music and art therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

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Facebook is monitored during office hours Monday - Friday, however if your enquiry is serious, urgent or involves personal details, we advise you to contact the team on 0300 500 80 80 or email:

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